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“Hi, my name is Bob, what’s yours?” – “I don’t know, but my owner calls me “No! No! Bad dog!”"

Welcome to Fun Dog Training, Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK.

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Strictly 5 people per class! Handlers staying 2 metres apart.

so a one metre lead needed!

Visit the GAMES page to find some activities to keep you and your dogs busy until then.

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The happy way to train your best friend.

How do we train?

Dogs are genetically progamed to cooperate with us. Centuries of breeding means that all the dogs that survive today have an inbuilt desire to be in a harmonious pack, large or small.  Their instincts tell them to follow a pack leader and they know that it is in their own best interests to cooperate within the pack. When we take a dog in, the family becomes their pack. From the first day your new dog comes home he is looking for leadership. He reads signs and signals to find out his place in the world with his new family.

Dogs need to know when they are doing the right thing! Often, we forget to tell them! We need to mark their good behaviour with rewards: treats, smiles, fun, games and happy voices all reward our dogs. Reward the good behaviour often and it will be repeated.

Telling a dog off leaves him redundant and not knowing what to do = confused dog!

If we are good guardians to our dogs, if we are fair and consistent and don’t confuse them, dogs soon want to cooperate with us.

If we confuse them by giving mixed messages, get annoyed, keep changing our minds about what we expect, fail to reward good behaviour but get irate about naughtiness, we get a confused dog!

Dogs rarely want to take over the world. They don’t want to lead us, dominate us, become the top dog. But sometimes we give them the wrong messages so that they are put in the position of being our guardians, or leaders. Most dogs find this stressful! When stressed they can’t listen. Many dogs are labelled as ‘dominant’. But I have rarely ever come across a truly¬† ‘dominant’ dog. I do come across A LOT of dogs who are confused! Their owners have given them NO guidance and have often left them to their own devices. If we don’t train and guide our dogs, if we leave them to their own devices, if we don’t tell them what to do, GUESS WHAT! They will FIND something to do. And it will probably be something we don’t like!

Understanding your dog!

Here are some key phrases that mean you don’t understand your dog:

‘He doesn’t listen!’

He only does it when he feels like it!’

‘He’s very stubborn!’

‘He’ll only do it when he gets a treat’

‘He’ll do it for her, but not for me!’

‘I told him off big time but he still disobeys me!

These phrases simply mean your dog doesn’t know what you want of him. He’s not being disobedient.

A Secure Dog is a Happy Dog!

Dogs that feel secure are the happiest dogs and the best ones to be with. We provide this security by building up a strong bond through good guardians.

Training Through Play! (its FUN!)

Dogs love to play! At Fun Dogs we use ‘training through play’ to make sure you and your dog enjoy the training sessions, but at the same time you build up that valuable relationship with your dog that will make him want to follow you anywhere. For example, a dog that races through a tunnel towards his owner is having a great time and wants to do it again. He doesn’t realise he’s learning recall.

Your Dog Wants to Please You!

Dogs want to please us. After all, it’s in their best interests! Sometimes they don’t know how. They get told off and ‘corrected’ so much that they don’t know which way to turn. All they hear all day is, ‘No! No!’ Bad dog!’ ‘Ah! Ah!’

How Fun Dog Training & Activities Can Help You

At Fun Dog Training we encourage good behaviour by rewarding everything that’s good, and ignoring any behavior we don’t want.

We offer a number of Fun Dog Training classes to help you and your dog.


Using this website, you can find out about Our Training, our Location and Prices, and check the current range of Classes & Availability.

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Training – The Fun Dog Way!