Fun Agility Club


perfect balance!

perfect balance!

BrackenFun Agility

Only 5 handlers per session! Stay 2 metres apart!


begins again Wednesday 8th July

1 .30pm


Please contact for details. 01765 608998


Agility is a fun activity for you and your dog and a wonderful way to bond with him and keep his attention totally on you. Giving your dog this kind of activity provides an outlet for his energy and natural instincts and makes him focus on you for instruction.

Agility is self rewarding and once your dog learns a few moves he will be eager for more. He will look to you for leadership and you can use the skills learned to have more control in everyday life.

Dogs learning agility have to use their brains! We often neglect their enormous abilities and learning powers by giving them very dull lives.  To take part in agility you have to gain an understanding of how your dog learns so that he can be enabled to perform for you.  We often have low expectation of our dogs so don’t teach them much. But almost any dog can take part in agility,

our dogs are only limited by us!


Here are a few guidelines:-

Fun Dogs Agility is open to any dog over 1 year of age , in good health and with as good level of basic obedience –  (walk at heel on lead, will come when called, will sit and wait)

You should check with your vet that your dog is fit for agility.

Dogs can get over- excited doing agility so it is important to follow the instructions of the course leader. For safety of all dogs and handlers please respect these rules:

* dogs should be under control at all times. Keep your dogs on the lead unless the instructor allows you to work off lead.

* Do not use any equipment without permission

* We reserve the right to turn away any dog which is felt to be disruptive.