Fun Dog Training Classes will begin again in July!

Below I will post some games to keep your dog happy, occupied and trained, until we can meet again!

Please click on the links below to watch the videos.


20200411_120156_Trim  Introduction to games


How to teach your dog to stack the quoits (c0ming soon!}


20200503_122640_Trim_Trim  How to begin to teach Go Round

20200503_130303_Trim   Practising outdoors with 3 cones.

20200503_131253_Trim   Go round the shed!

Round the Apple Tree   Combining tricks – Fun to do on a walkies!


 Paws Up!

20200411_140014_Trim   Teaching Paws Up

20200411_140014_Trim (2) Teaching to reverse around, gaining a good heel position

20200411_141448_Trim_Trim Dog in a Box!

20200411_141821_Trim (2) Dog in the Box 2, naming the game

20200419_133856_Trim Tidy the toys.

VID-20200503-WA0000_Trim (2) Teaching our dogs to pick up toys and drop them in a box.

VID-20200503-WA0001_Trim   Teaching our dogs the names of toys or objects so they fetch the right one

 You can see them on my Fun Dog Training, Ripon, Facebook page.



Some Fun Dog Training  Pictures

The photos below show dogs enjoying themselves at Fun Dog Training. Click one to open the slideshow.

Saturday morning training is for youngster and pups to socialise and begin basic training. Using fun and games as rewards we aim to teach the youngsters to focus on us while getting used to all the distractions they will encounter in everyday life.