Our Training

At Fun Dogs all our training is designed to build up a bond between you and your dog so that you both get the very best out of your relationship.

We train all the basic commands but move on quickly to use those commands in fun and games – see the Skills page for more on what your dog can learn with us.

This way the training sessions are enjoyable to dogs and owners.

All our training is outside in a grassy paddock, hail, rain or shine! To find us, please visit the Location Page.

We set up a course based on ‘Rally O’ that you and your dog can walk around the course and practice all the basic commands such asĀ  sit, wait, heel, down, etc. so that the dogs keep moving and don’t get bored.

Karen with Billy on the Rally Obedience course

Eventually the course gets tougher, with jumps, weaves and tunnels, and the dogs progress to working off lead. We have two classes available, beginner and advanced. For more on class times, please click here.

Our dogs quickly learn to relax and have fun, responding to their owners commands, even when there are distractions around, such as other dogs, people, chickens (come back Cedric!) bikers and passers by.

Our ideal is to have happy, relaxed dogs that feel secure in their surroundings, building up a lifelong bond between pet and owner, bringing all the joys that such a partnership promises.

Clicker Training?

Clicker training is a method used all over the world to train all kinds of animals. It’s a successful and fun way to train. We don’t routinely use clickers at Fun Dogs but owners will be shown how to use a clicker and can use them in the classes and at home.

Using a clicker ‘sharpens up’ commands and gains a quick response! If you’ve ever nagged your dog, saying ‘sit, sit SIT!’ a clicker is a good way of getting out of this habit.

A click marks a good behavior. It’s the same as saying ‘good boy!’ but it’s quicker, more reliable, and the dog ALWAYS recognises the click as your approval. We humans are unreliable! Notice how many different tones of voice you use when giving a simple command. But the clicker sound is always the same!

Killer whales learn to jump with a clicker, chimps are trained to hold their arms out for injections with a clicker, cats learn to high five with a clicker! Dogs learn to give you ALL their attention with a clicker!

When are Fun Dog Training Sessons?

Fun Dog Training sessions begin in AprilĀ  on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 6pm until 7pm throughout the summer. See Classes & Availability for more.

How to Book Fun Dog Training Sessions?

For more information ring Linda on 01765 608998. Or e-mail linda@fundogtraining.co.uk.