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Walking nicely on a lead – Fun Dog TrainincLA


social distancing guidelines mean there can only be 5 people on the field at any time and we must stay 2 metres apart. 

Advanced Training

Monday 6th July 6pm

Basic Obedience 

Tuesday July 7th 6pm

Pup Group

Saturday 4th July 10 am



Classes £7 per session

Fun Agility introduction

New Fun Agility class begins Saturday 4th July 11 am

£10 per session


Class Contents:

Basic Obedience is suitable for dogs at various levels and they can learn or practice basic commands: sit down stand, come to heel.

Walking nicely on a lead. Because puppies come to this class it is important that all dogs that attend safe and reliable with other dogs.


Wait and Stay

How to listen to and focus on their owners, even when other dogs are around!

Advanced Training is suitable for well socialised dogs with some training who can stay beside their owners and work off lead.

They will learn and practice:

Walking to heel off lead around a complicated course with different directions and signs to follow

A send away……. where the dog learns to go forward to a marker, then can be directed left or right from a distance

A retrieve………… the dogs waits while an object is thrown, retrieves it on command, presents it to the owner and finishes to heel

Drop on command, vital for safety

Other distance control

Out of sight wait/stay

Recall with distractions, through lines of dogs, people, toys, food………………!

Scent work………..NEW this season…………..where the dog learns to scent discriminate and scent out and fetch an object marked with one scent

from between objects with other scents.

We also practice various tricks and games teaching the dog body awareness, useful for agility.

Saturday Class

This is aimed at younger dogs and beginners and the obedience sessions will be short, followed by some agility games and play so that dogs can socialise and learn to be calm and attentive even with distractions around.


. Please contact for details 01765 608998


In all classes we aim to teach our dogs a perfect recall! A good recall is one of the most important commands your dog will ever learn. A good recall is partly a learned response, but more importantly, your dog comes back to you when called because you are fun, you are a good leader, and coming back to you is rewarding. He wants to be with you more than anything else on earth!

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All classes take place outdoors, in our paddock on the outskirts of Ripon (just off the A61 Ripon By-pass), North Yorkshire – please see the Location page for precise directions to get to us.