One-to-One Training


During the winter months I give one to one training sessions by arrangement.

Dogs and owners can benefit form one to one sessions where dogs can be assessed and given individual attention. Knowing how to train your dog is more important than spending hours of frustrating training and getting nowhere. At a one to one I can give advice on the best way to get your dog’s attention, teach him to focus on you and listen, give him an outlet for his breed instincts.

You are welcome to ring Linda on 01765 608998  or 07857840360 to arrange one of these sessions or to discuss any specific problems you may be having with your dog, or e-mail

A one-to-one session is a valuable way to set your new pup on the right path. Sometimes owners of a new and adorable pup are at their wits end when that pup’s playful and  boisterous behaviour gets out of control. Getting cross and trying to be ‘firm’ just seems to make matters worse. This is when a home visit can turn everything around. Giving the pup leadership and direction channels all that energy into a rewarding partnership.

A one to one session costs £30 


BEFORE YOU DESPAIR! There are a few ‘traps’ we can fall into when a new pup arrives that can make your experience a nightmare instead of a joy.

REMEMBER your pup arrives with NO human language. He has to learn it. If he doesn’t obey a command it is ALWAYS because he hasn’t learned it  thoroughly  yet NOT because he is naughty or willful. If you shout the command LOUDER it will not help. He doesn’t yet understand and needs more patience and guided learning.

If you shout at your pup to try and make him behave, he WILL NOT understand. He will know you are cross, but he won’t have a clue why. A pup is not born with an understanding of the word NO! If you keep shouting NO at him when you think he’s misbehaving, he has no idea what you want of him. He only knows that you are no fun and very hard to please. FAR BETTER than telling him off  is to GIVE HIM A COMMAND.  In this way you are telling him what to do, he can then obey and gain praise and reward. Once he’s learned a few commands you can use them all over your home, garden or on walks, giving you the opportunity to praise him, reward him, show that you are pleased with him. This way he will work harder to please you.

DON’T FOLLOW YOUR PUP AROUND! He should follow you! If you put your pup on a lead and follow him round the garden you will be following him for the rest of his life. Encourage him to walk next to you off lead in the garden, if it’s safe and secure, keep changing direction and praise him when he follows you. Dogs should follow their owners, not the other way round. If you teach your dog to lead, he will do! But he’ll feel more happy and secure if you lead him!