Problem Behaviours

Real World Situation: Dogs Behaving at an Outdoor Meal

Real World Situation: Dogs Behaving at an Outdoor Meal

Some of our dogs have ‘issues’! If you have a problem with some aspect of your dog’s behaviour you can book a session with Linda to discuss this and she will try and find a way to help.


Some common problems:

pulling on the lead

barking at people or dogs

poor recall

ignoring commands

jumping up and hyperactivity

Many problems we have with dogs can be solved with some basic training and an understanding of how to reward good behaviour.  It’s very frustrating when a dog is getting out of hand and seems to be off on another planet, just not listening! Knowing how to get your dog’s attention is the first step in all training and problem solving. Knowing how and when to reward your dog is the key to getting good behaviour.  Linda has trained dogs for many years and has sorted out some very troubled pets. She has gained valuable knowledge of canine behaviour and training by attending courses with John Rogerson, probably the U.K.’s  foremost expert on dog behaviour counselling and training.

If you think you have a doggy problem ring Linda on 01765 608998 to see if she can help.

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