Life Skills

Real World Situation: Dogs Behaving at an Outdoor Meal

Real World Situation: Dogs Behaving at an Outdoor Meal

During our training your dog will learn all the basic commands:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Wait
  • Stay
  • Come
  • and, very importantly, how to walk nicely on a lead.

Dogs that continue with training will enjoy:

  • Off lead heel-work with left and right turns;
  • Out of sight stays;
  • Gates;
  • and the vital out of sight recall

Because at Fun Dogs we want to train for real life situations we also cover:

  • How to enjoy a walk! (Who’s leading who?)
  • How to sit quietly while owner enjoys a drink at the pub! (or chats to friends)

Key Points

Training should be enjoyable and a social activity.

Some dog training can be very stressful with the owners gritting their teeth while willing their wriggling pooch to stay in a down while somebody scary holds a stopwatch.

At Fun Dogs we try to avoid these situations which are not good for dog or owner.

Dogs learn at their own pace and we want them to feel happy because they are being praised for what they can do, rather than being chastised for what they can’t!

For more on what we do, at Fun Dog Training, see the Our Training page. We offer dog training classes to dog owners in North Yorkshire, from the edge of the city of Ripon. To come to any of our classes, please see Class Times and use the Location page to find us.