During the summer we will hold a RECALL WORKSHOP day at Fun Dogs.  Gaining a good recall is one of the main concerns of most owners.

Young pups want to be with their owners and seem to have a lovely recall from and early age. They lose this a bit when they gain independence. At this point owners usually panic! The pup doesn’t come back straight away when called, and the worried owner then tries all sorts to get their pup back. In other words, the owner has changed his behavior and the pup doesn’t recognise it!

At a Fun Dogs Recall workshop I can pass on all the tips I know about training a good recall.  Having fun with your dog is one of the most important parts of training recall. A red faced angry owner chasing after a dog shouting ‘get back here NOW you bad dog!!’ is not very inviting!

A happy owner running towards the agility tunnel calling joyfully to his best friend saying, ‘come on Buster, let’s have fun!’ is more likely to have success!

Dogs find A LOT of things more fun than coming back to their owners. Some of these things are instinctive, such as chasing squirrels, running up to people or dogs, chasing bikes, terriers killing things! We have to provide outlets for these exciting instinctive behaviours.

This is one of the most important commands! A good recall means you can keep your dog safe and out of difficult situations. In the area around Ripon, North Yorkshire, we are lucky enough to have many areas where we can walk our dogs off lead. But to allow this we need to know that our dogs will come back the instant they are called.

At Fun Dog Training we expect high standards of recall! We start this training on the lead, but rapidly progress to calling our dogs across a field with other dogs and people all around them. Once again, a good recall relies on that fantastic bond you can build up with your best friend!

Look out for our special recall day!

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